How it All Started and Almost Ended

Guardian Soulmates

Before, during and after Sam, I was talking to a few guys online.  I started online dating in 2007 or 2008, when it was still weird to date someone you met cold online.  I started with eHarmony and that almost ended it all.  I watching American Justice on A&E and kept seeing this commercial for online dating.  They were having a special so I thought “why not, I have nothing to lose.”  Ooooo, I love surveys, and really any questions about me.  After the fun long essay, I waited.  It was the most boring time of my life! I am so happy I just signed up for the 3 months.  All I kept getting from my matches were American men from India, mostly in IT.  Apparently, my answer of “doesn’t matter on race/religion/culture” was ignored. Or, do all the non-Indian men on eHarmony not date out of their race.  I had nothing in common when the IT men, and so after a few messages and no meet ups, I was done with eHarmony and almost done with online dating altogether.

A year later, at a sleepover with a friend we drank a lot of wine and started a Plenty of Fish account for me (she already had one).  I was blown away with the messages I receiving, as I saw myself as just not ugly.  I would be on POF for about 3 years, deleting my account once for a few months.  When I would go back to online dating in the summer of 2017,  there were so many more options and I tried most of them (OkCupid, Tinder, POF, Bumble and even tried Match for a free-week).   From that summer in 2017 I would delete and restart dating apps a few…several times.   My next post will be more on why I chose dating apps and my innocent beginnings.




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